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An intensely refreshing vape that will consistently satisfy the craving for something different, perhaps even alien, throughout your day.

As the cooling sensation of an ice cold lemonade dances accross your tongue, nuances of blueberries and raspberries will leave you wondering, “How could something this deliciously peculiar possibly come from this planet?

It's not all fun and games back there with the bottles.

Bartending can be a difficult task, particularly when you're dealing with inebriated customers with no sense of etiquette or common decency.

Peeing in your wetsuit can be a huge relief and allow you to enjoy yourself without being distracted by fighting the urge to urinate.

Another positive about peeing in your wetsuit is that it can warm you up for a while.

(use only 3% strength) and a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and pour it over the baking soda.

If I’m absolutely stuck and there is nothing I can do, I try to change my thoughts and frame of mind.

If my current thoughts are “This person is making me crazy. I want to hit someone,” I will try to change my thoughts to something like “I will be away from this person soon.

In this world we are faced with all kinds of people. Some days I’m annoyed by an overly critical parent.

No matter how good of a day I’m having, it’s almost inevitable that if I leave the house I will run into one or more people who annoy me.

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Anyone ever had to remove dog pee from single sided circuit boards? Hi Get the best quality DI water you can find and spray it down. I remember once going to a residential site to run some cables and install some gear and as soon as the client opened the front door I almost vomited all over her, the joint was full of cats and the residents couldn't smell it or had adapted to the disgusting odour, a two hour job took me six because I had to constantly go out for fresh air and dry reach every few minutes, eye watering stuff and I never did like cats much.