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Practical application: answering the latter question is critical if we are to evaluate whether there is any substance to the argument that we beekeepers should view the feral populations of honey bees as potential sources of genetically useful “survivor stock.” Honey bees are hardly the only animal (or plant) that has been domesticated (or perhaps I should use the term “managed”) by humans [1], so as a first step in answering the above questions, perhaps we should see what’s been found regarding other common domesticated species.

For quick reference click on one of the questions below, or you can scroll through the complete list of SIC and NAICS code questions and answers. What is the difference between a SIC and a NAICS code? Both Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes identify a firm's primary business activity.

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Such statements call for some serious supporting evidence.

Is there truly a difference between domesticated and wild/feral honey bees?

A firm with NAICS 311 is primarily engaged in food manufacturing. In 1997, OMB adopted NAICS as its new industry classification system.The obvious question is: In areas in which the honey bee was not endemic (native), this would of course be the case.But once those introduced swarms set up housekeeping in hollow trees, we then have two key questions to answer: Question #1: Can those introduced feral populations remain self sustaining, or does their continued survival depend upon a recurrent influx of escaped swarms from managed apiaries?The Machairas Monastery is also a short distance from the village. CONTENTS But Aren’t All Feral Bees Nothing More Than Escaped Swarms?

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