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Among our existing corporate clients are First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Diamond Bank Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, IBTC-Chartered Bank Plc, Afribank Plc, Central Bank of Nigeria, National oil & Chemical Company, National Assembly, Abuja, Abuja High Court, Cross River State Government to mention but a few.We are aware of the great importance of after-sales service and maintenance; hence we have invested heavily in this area as well as in the training of our maintenance personnel directly with the Manufacturers.It can also validate up to 8 different documents at once!Not only can this perforator punch holes but it has a selection lettering that includes VOID, PAID, PAGADO, CANCELLED, CANCELADO, RETIRED and other custom lettering up to 8 characters.Due to our strong working relationship with the Manufacturers of our products, we can always guarantee supply of genuine and reliable spare parts.Time Stamp and Date Stamp machines are typically used for document tracking, numbering forms and/or time validation.

The P-400's permanent hole punches allows you to void documents such as drivers' licenses and other plastic ID cards.Inscriptions can be both above and below the time and date.BOROMAX GLOBAL LIMITED is an Office and Banking Automation and Furniture outfit, as well as being supplier of several Home Appliances.Our market share has grown over the years and for the current year our sales turnover is clearly one of the highest in the industry.We have readily in stock, among other items, latest models including the De La Rue Note, Sanyo Shredder, counting Machines, Validating Machines, Sharp Photocopiers, Uchida Cheque Writer, IBM typewriters, Casio Printing Calculators, UPS, and Till Cash Boxes, Rexel Shredders, Laminators & Comb, Binding Machine, Currency Detectors, Claude Lyons Stabilizers, Computers & Computer Accessories, Television Sets, Air Conditioners, Cookers, Fridge/Freezers, Musical Sets, Washing Machines, Varieties of Office Furniture.

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Our Company is one of Accredited Agent of Messrs De La Rue Systems Limited, UK, Manufacturers of De La Rue Currency Counting and Sorting Machines, Widmer Inc, USA, Manufacturers of Widmer Date &Time Validating Machine, Lar Siltal, Monaco, Manufacturers of Xper/Siltal Fridge/Freezer, Cooker, Washer/Dryers amonst several others.

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