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Whether you are a benign ruler or an evil one is up to you.

(Admit it, on a few occasions you killed off your Sim's spouse by leading them into the pool and removing the ladder…) The Sims became the best-selling game in history within a year of its release and its popularity gave rise to a host of new life-simulation games.

Even though most of the games don't have goals beyond the basics of day-to-day living, they can be extremely addicting.

It’s been a debate that’s raged across the internet for years now.

If the game is unrated by the ESRB and a wholly-comparable rated title cannot be found, the moderation team determines whether the game violates our Community Guidelines.

Titles may be restricted if they are sufficiently extreme by a single element of the game (e.g.

Players, represented by pegged pieces of blocky pastel blue and pink, hit major milestones—graduating from college, choosing a profession, getting married, buying property, and investing in stock—as they cruise the road, filling their cars with more pegged plastic children.

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