Dating sleigh bells

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Dating sleigh bells

“In the past [with previous label Mom Pop], we’d turn in the records, send them the masters, deliver videos when they were finished,” Miller states.“But I do think the fact that we self-released and everything is on us, the burden is on us,” says Krauss, from the Hackney apartment where they’re staying for a week. My ears need something very different now." The Brooklyn-based duo, who act like siblings when in each other's company – they playfully interrupt each other at every opportunity – have been extra self-critical this go-round."I couldn't sustain that." For Jessica Rabbit, due November 11th, they scrapped nearly a third of every batch of songs they wrote.The two met in a park, where she listened to Miller's demos.In a 2012 interview, Krauss recalled her first impressions, saying: "Derek's music sounded like a really interesting challenge, but I wasn't thinking he was somebody I wanted to develop a creative relationship with." Krauss noted that when the two began recording together for the first time, Miller wanted to be in control."The guy that made Treats would hate Jessica Rabbit," says Sleigh Bells guitarist Derek Miller with an almost uncomfortable laugh. That trend goes a long way in explaining the three-year gap between albums for a band that previously released a trio of full-lengths in as many years.Half of the aggro pop duo sits on the edge of a bed in a Chicago hotel room hours before one of his band's only gigs this year, drawing a comparison between he and singer Alexis Krauss' breakout 2010 debut album and their forthcoming new LP, the first Sleigh Bells release in three years and undoubtedly their most full-bore pop effort yet. "If you look at our work rate for the first three records, it was pretty clear that I was trying to avoid real life," Miller says.

Some are vintage bells from the 1930s to modern times.

He played on the band's first three albums, but left in 2004, citing creative differences with the other band members as a key factor for his departure.

In March 2008, Miller moved to New York City expressly to find a female vocalist for some song demos he was working on. I don't want to say I was really determined, but I was really determined" said Miller.

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is the first to be self-released via their own Torn Clean label (UK label Lucky Number Music hopped on board for a release on this side of the Atlantic).

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