Validating datagrid flex which of the following is related to relative dating

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Validating datagrid flex

Indicates whether the security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list returned by calling the Display Object Objects Under Point() method with the specified point point.transform Around(transform Center: Vector3D, scale: Vector3D = null, rotation: Vector3D = null, translation: Vector3D = null, post Layout Scale: Vector3D = null, post Layout Rotation: Vector3D = null, post Layout Translation: Vector3D = null, invalidate Layout: Boolean = true):void A utility method to update the rotation, scale, and translation of the transform while keeping a particular point, specified in the component's own coordinate space, fixed in the parent's coordinate space.Called by an Unconstrain Item Action effect as part of a data change effect if the item renderers corresponding to certain data items need to move outside the normal positions of item renderers in the control.

For example, you could reformat the data, extract a part of the data for editing, or examine the data to validate it.Please see the documentation for the renderer class for the list of supported styles.Transitions in Data Grid item renderers aren't supported.The Data Grid width is sized to fit the width of all columns, if possible.The default number of displayed rows, including the header is 7, and each row, by default, is 20 pixels high.

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Validating data About the source and property properties About triggering validation Triggering validation by using events Triggering validation programmatically Validating required fields General guidelines for validation Working with validation errors Working with validation events Error message when the value contains invalid format characters, which means that it contains a digit or minus sign (-) as a separator character, or it contains two or more consecutive separator characters.