Automatic updating pivot table christian dating service texas

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Automatic updating pivot table

In the screen shot below, In Excel 2007 and later versions, you can format your list as a Named Table, and use that as the dynamic source for your Pivot Table.

There are detailed instructions here: Excel Tables -- Creating an Excel Table.

In this tutorial I will show several ways to automatically refresh pivot table.

This is the simplest way to automatically refresh pivot table.

Quick Tip: It’s a good practice to convert the data source into an Excel Table, and use this Excel Table to create the Pivot Table.

If you do this, you can also use the refresh technique to update the Pivot Table even when new data (rows/columns) are added to the data source (since an Excel Table automatically accounts for new rows/columns that are added).

You can use Excel VBA to automatically update a pivot table when its worksheet is activated.

Excel elects to wait and perform the updates when you are finished with the changes and give the “all clear” signal.

Most users do not work in this world; we may only have at most one, two, or five pivot tables in a file.

To see the steps in creating an Excel Table, please watch this short video tutorial.

Once you have the dynamic range set up, you can create a pivot table, based on that range.

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